Red Wine & Sausage Risotto

HELLO this recipe fed 4 people so adjust accordingly (so if you’re hungry it could feed two people or one person after a long nap and accidentally skipping lunch)

 1 generous glass of Red Wine (Just have a whole bottle ready, so you can pour in some then enjoy the rest WOOP)

Chicken Stock 1.5L

Risotto rice (Arborio, 100g/handful per person. I measured using my hand like an animal)

Lamb Sausages (2 per person, call it 400g if you want to be specific)

2tbl spoon Rosemary

2tbl spoon Thyme

Parsley 2tbl spoon (mainly used towards the end and for that fancy garnish)

6 Shallots (sliced)

2 cloves of Garlic (finely diced)

200g Parmesan (grated)

40g of Butter

Seasoning: salt & pepper




1) Sausages

First thing you want to get started on for the dish is the sausage. Remove the meat from the casing and break it up almost like it’s a mince before putting it all into a pan on medium to high heat (use the same pan you’ll be cooking your risotto in). Cook till you get some nice colour on the sausages. Dark brown and crispy is the way to flavour town!

Once the sausages have cooked and gotten the colour that you’re looking for, get them off the pan onto a separate plate and leave them there for later! Feel free to snack on them if you must, no one will judge you.


2) Risotto (I suggest using a wooden spoon for this part)

With the same pan you cooked the sausages in, get rid of some BUT NOT ALL of the sausage fat. Keep the remainder and add just a small drizzle of olive oil and half of the butter before throwing in your sliced shallots. Stir the shallots in on a medium to low heat until translucent. Then go ahead and throw in the garlic, give it a quick mix then BAM, in goes the rice.

Mix the rice around, allow it to get nicely coated with the shallots, garlic and fats. Add in the rosemary, thyme, and then continue on the mixing train until the outside of the rice starts to become translucent. This should be around two or three minutes. Keep in mind we don’t want to fry or burn the rice!

Once the outside is translucent, go ahead and pour in your wine! If the wine just covers the rice then you’re good to go (fun fact: you’re also deglazing the pan which will help get the flavour left by the sausages from the bottom of the pan). Go ahead a give the risotto a tiny pinch of salt and pepper as well. You’ll do the majority of the seasoning later on.

Allow the red wine to reduce down at a medium simmer until you can drag your spoon across the pot and it exposes the bottom (scandalous). Then go ahead and add in some chicken stock. Add in just enough to cover the rice (just like with the red wine) and then once again let it reduce.

This is where the process just becomes a rinse and repeat kind of thing BUT still requires your attention throughout which is why making risotto can be pretty fun (at least in my opinion).

So once again, keep repeating this process until the risotto is JUST ABOUT TO FINISH (roughly 20 minutes, it’s just a waiting game but a delicious one thankfully).
Note: you’ll know the risotto is done when the rice has just a bit of firmness in it and it’s super nice and creamy. YEAH BUDDY!!


Now with about 1 minute left in the cooking process, turn off the heat and add in the grated parmesan and parsley. Stir them in to melt the parmesan, adding to the creaminess of the risotto, WOO!

Go ahead and taste before adding in some salt and pepper (be cheeky and add in the rest of the butter as well), taste AGAIN and see if it’s too your liking. Go ahead and throw in the sausages prepared earlier, mix it all together and WHAM BAM THANK YOU ITALY FOR THIS DISH. Garnish with a drizzle of olive oil and as much parmesan you’d like.

Keep in mind, the best way to make risotto is just to take your time and don’t try to rush anything by adding too much stock in one go.

I’d also suggest if you’ve never made risotto before to watch a few videos on YouTube to get a good visual representation of the cooking process. Then of course come back here when you have a better idea and use my recipe.






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