Spicy Squid Pasta


300g Squid

1 Canned Tomtato (chopped)

Handful of Parsley

4 cloves of Garlic

2 chillis

250g of spaghetti (this is how much I used, feel free to add more or less!)

4 tblspoon of olive oil

Salt and PEPPAH (use as much as you like, I’ll throw in instructions as to when and how much to add but if your taste buds prefer a saltier taste, that’s up to you!)



Slice up your squid how you like it, I’m quite happy with squid rings that are about 1 cm in diameter. Take note that as they cook they’ll shrivel up and not look as impressive so if you want to go a bit thicker, UP TO YOU! Set that aside in a bowl!

The garlic and chilli are all thinly sliced, I recommend getting rid of half of the seeds inside the chilli, HOWEVER if you like it HAWT then keep it all in.

Lastly, chop up the parsley and DO NOT through away the stalks; you can cut the very ends of them if they look not as appetizing however we want to finely chop the stems and then roughly chop the leaves. SIMPLE, get everything organized and ready to cook, the whole cooking process shouldn’t be more than 15 minutes!

Le Cooking:

RIGHT STARTING OFF, get a pan onto a medium heat. Once it’s got some heat to it, add some olive oil! We’re then going to pan fry the squid for just 45 seconds or one minute, careful not to keep them on the hot pan for too long, as we’ll be adding them to our tomato sauce later! Once they’ve cooked for the 45 seconds to a minute, set them aside in a bowl and get either the same pan clean and ready to go again or different pan ready for the tomato sauce.

While you get next stage ready, get a pot of water for the spaghetti ready. Season the water with plenty of salt and don’t bother adding olive oil (I usually go with at least three big pinches of salt). If the water is at an intense enough boil and you stir the pasta occasionally it shouldn’t stick…it really shouldn’t.

Once the boiling water is ready, throw the pasta and in get started on the tomato sauce! Get a medium sized pan on the stove at a medium heat. Once there’s a bit of heat to the pan, add 2 tablespoons of olive oil and then throw in the sliced garlic and chilli then drop the temperature down to a medium low. Once there is a little colour (brown not black, black is not the colour we’re looking for) on the garlic, pour in the canned tomatoes. Give it all a quick mix and then throw in the steams of the parsley and half of the chopped leaves. Lightly season the sauce with a pinch of salt and a pinch of pepper, stir it up and let it gently simmer until the pasta is ALMOST finished (side note: we want to do most of the seasoning and adjustments for the pasta sauce at the end before mixing in the pasta).

Just before the pasta is finished (give or take 1 minute), take the tablespoons of the pasta water from the pot and throw it in the tomato sauce and add back in the squid, this will help heat up the squid but also minimize the possibility of overcooking it (go ahead and taste the sauce at this time, this is where you can decide to add in more chill!). Mix it all together; taste test the pasta for texture and doneness, if you like how it’s cooked go ahead and turn off the heat strain out the pasta. Once strained, mix the pasta into the pan with the tomato sauce, allowing the sauce and pasta to mix and now throw in the last bit of parsley (unless you want save a little more for garnish and be fancy). Just before you throw it all into a bowl, season with salt and pepper to taste and drizzle over some olive oil. WHAM BAM THANKYOU MAM, eat it up and hopefully it’s calorific enough for you. If not, there’s always butter to throw on top, but that’s your choice!

YEAH BUDDDY! (As this is my first post and recipe, please feel free to leave feedback! Anything to do with clarity of instructions or even if this dish didn’t live up to the hype.)




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