So a little background story to what exactly is Operation Fat Jack (it’ll also explain the name).

When my brother and I first got to University, we decided that I would be the cook and he be the dish washer. Eventually rice and chicken got a little boring and I decided to try a few “cheat meals” and thought it’d be funny to pretend i’m on a mission to get my brother into chubster status (his name is Jack by the way).

Little by little, post by post and now here I am with the idea that I’d like to continue with the name and cooking. PLUS, the name is much better than the typical -insertname_eats-  or -flexorMarco- etc.

Now, the intention isn’t exactly creating an oversized brother anymore (even though it was mostly a joke…sort of) since we no longer live together. Sharing my recipes, exercise tips and throwing in some cafe and restaurant reviews will be my new plan.

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